Choose Hope, You Matter


The Call to Live Your Light and Rise with Love for The Great Turning


The Great Turning is the evolutionary leap in consciousness and action needed for us as individuals and humanity, to survive and flourish. ​The Great Turning is the LOVE-based Worldwide Rising to restore the Earth, advance justice and human rights for all, and create a lasting peace. It is your personal awakening and the spiritual emergence of humanity.

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Watch a Great Turning Panel Discussion

To help familiarize yourself with great turning themes, you may wish to watch our panel discussion, featuring Joanna Macy, Craig Schindler, David Korten, Pat McCabe, Duane Elgin and Chris Johnstone.


THE GEAT TURNING; Personal Peace, Global Victory (1989)

by Drs. Craig Schindler and Gary Lapid








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Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course with inspiring talks, multi-faith music, movement mediation, small group exercises and tools for mindfulness, personal leadership, authentic communication, peace making and stewardship - focusing on the Eight Wisdom Keys.


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The soul-force practice combines the inner development of mindfulness and wellbeing – through cultivating inner peace, meditation and centering prayer, exercise and health; and the outer development of compassionate action – through increasing acts of kindness, justice, and stewardship.  The soul-force practice empowers us to evolve through our conscious habits to a higher level of being –To be a light – and thus to help ignite the Love-Based, Worldwide Rising.

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Choose Hope You Matter! Hope is more than a feeling hope is a choice. Two hundred years from now – if we choose – historians of the 23rd Century will look back at our era and call it the Great Turning.  They will say that in the 21st Century tens of millions of people took responsibility to live with respect for each other and all life and this Love-Based Worldwide Rising was able to restore the Earth and create the conditions for peace on Earth. 

        -- Dr. Craig Schindler from the film: CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER

The Call is to choose hope and live the Great Turning and stand up together for the Love-Based Worldwide Rising.  Please Join Us!

Choose Hope, You Matter

Hope is more than a feeling; hope is a choice.  Often we live in denial about the state of our world.  We are afraid that if we come out of denial and face the situation, we will fall into despair.  We bounce back and forth between denial (nothing is wrong) and despair (there is nothing we can do).  If we let ourselves fall into hopelessness, we become part of the problem. Yet there is a third way besides denial and despair and that is making a commitment to choose hope. By committing ourselves to be awake and help create a more just, and sustainable world, we rise above our denial and despair. As we choose to live the conscious change needed for our world, we make our affirmation of hope real by our actions.

Dr. Craig F. Schindler from his book, "Choose Hope, You Matter"


Welcome To Choose Hope, You Matter! 

If you have made your way to this website and to the book, CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER, you probably realize that you and I are part of something greater, that an old era is dying and a new consciousness is being born. We call this The Great Turning – the shift in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish.  The Dalai Lama calls this transformative change “The Revolution Of Compassion” and summons the youth of the world and all people of goodwill to reduce climate change and create a world of compassion and justice for all..

The Call is to choose hope and live the Great Turning and stand up together for the Love-Based Worldwide Rising.            Please Join Us!

The Imperative For The Great Turning                                                                         

We live at the most pivotal time in history.  The human-caused threats to life (climate change, weapons of mass destruction, and violent extremism) compel us, individually and collectively, to make the evolutionary leap in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish. The choices we make now will not only determine the quality of our future, but whether there will be a future at all.  Currently, the world is on the cusp between rapidly drifting towards global catastrophe, on the one hand, or awakening from our trance to create a new era of transformative change on a par to the Renaissance. As tens of millions of individuals and groups live the Great Turning away from greed and self-destruction, we will access the love and soul-force to elevate human behavior and improve the health of all living beings and our planet.



The Four Goals Of The Great Turning: 

  • Inspire Personal Leadership Through Soul-Action.

  • Reduce Climate Change & Restore the Living Earth.

  • Protect Freedom & Advance Human Rights For All.

  • Cultivate Inner Peace & Peace In Our World.


Join the Great Turning

Thanks for joining us!