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Our first book, The Great Turning, by Drs. Craig Schindler and Gary Lapid, addressed the shift in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and thrive. The human-caused threats to life – climate change, weapons of mass destruction, racial injustice and violent extremism – compel us to come together to live the Great Turning. We coined the term “The Great Turning,” that has become a key phrase for a growing worldwide movement.   Our book envisioned a new era of human dignity, environmental protection and lasting peace.  It spread the Gandhian insight that “We must be the change we want for the world.”  It offered tools for personal leadership, mediated dialogue and conflict resolution.  It was called “a win/win masterpiece,” translated into German, Russian, and used around the world as a handbook for peacemaking.  Joanna Macy in her workshops, and David Korten in his book, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, helped to spread the call for “The Great Turning ” worldwide.

What is The Great Turning?

  • The Great Turning is the evolutionary leap in consciousness and action needed for us as individuals and humanity, to survive and thrive. 

  • The Great Turning is a personal awakening and the awakening of humanity.  

  • The Great Turning is the shift away from self-destruction to a new era of human dignity, racial justice, environmental restoration and lasting peace.

  • The Great Turning is the end of our war-weary adolescence to our conscious adulthood – to awaken from our trance of ego, and create a more just, compassionate, and sustainable Earth.  

  • The Great Turning is the LOVE-based Worldwide Rising to restore the Earth, advance justice and human rights for all, and create a lasting peace. 

  • The Great Turning is a new Renaissance. of the human spirit – what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. calls “The Beloved Community” and the Dalai Lama describes as “the Revolution of Compassion.”

  • At the heart of this conscious shift is the commitment by each of us

        to live the Great Turning – to “BE The Joyful Change We want for the World.”

  • The Great Turning is well underway, but it needs millions of us –the Ten Percent Tipping Point –to accelerate exponentially. As tens of millions of us live the Great Turning and work for policies that reduce climate change and advance justice and human rights for all, we will shift the politics of our nation and planet to create a Renaissance of the human spirit.

The Ten Percent Tipping Point

     Scientists have established that a new idea or innovation is adopted slowly until it reaches the Ten Percent Tipping Point and then it spreads exponentially like a flame. Currently we estimate that Five Percent of the global population has a commitment to an Earth-centric view committed to universal compassion and stewardship for all life. Most of humanity still sees itself as part of a tribal or ethnocentric identity that does not include all humanity and all life.  The evolutionary jump is both – to embrace your current identity (your nation, culture and religion) and expand the circle of your compassion to the whole of humanity and the living Earth:  In this way, the Five Percent will grow rapidly to become the Ten Percent Tipping Point where an exponential leap becomes possible.  Thus each of us can help to ignite this transformative shift in consciousness and action by living the Great Turning we want for the world.

The Four Goals of The Great Turning
  • Inspire Personal Leadership With Soul-Force;

  • Reduce Climate Change and Restore The Earth; 

  • Advance Justice and Human Rights for All;

  • Cultivate Peace Within and in Our World. 

You matter.  The Great Turning begins with each of us.  The individual is the agent of conscious evolution.  By practicing soul-force we cultivate both inner wellbeing through mindfulness, meditation and prayer; and compassionate action through kindness, justice and stewardship for all life. This is the twofold practice, described by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to build the Beloved Community by elevating the quality of our soul and the quantity of our compassionate action.  

The Four Goals are at the heart of the Great Turning: As millions of us live the Great Turning in our lives, we can rise together with the LOVE and power to elevate human behavior and improve the wellbeing of all life.


.      The Great Turning has One Mission – to Restore the Earth and Four Goals:  The Four Goals are deeply interlinked and intersectional: Each is essential to restoring the Earth.  If we do not reduce climate change, we will not have a habitable planet on which to advance justice and human rights or create the conditions for a just and lasting peace. To save human civilization, we must reduce climate change and restore the Earth:  And to achieve this, we must inspire TEN PERCENT of the world to take personal leadership with soul-force.  We cannot restore the Earth unless we also advance justice and human rights for all and create inner peace and peace in our world. The Four Goals of the Great Turning are inseparable because without restoring the Earth, the impact of climate devastation will likely reduce agricultural capacity and increase hunger, mass migration, authoritarian repression, violent conflicts and the threat of using nuclear weapons.  

     --From Dr. Craig Schindler’s new book, CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER

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