“We are called to become architects of a new era of human dignity, environmental restoration and lasting peace ...Historians of the late 2lst Century will look back on this period as The Great Turning ...turning away from destruction to a positive future... a turning point in history. “                                  


--Dr. Craig F. Schindler & Dr. Gary Lapid, from THE GREAT TURNING


Project Victory – For Our Children And For The Earth                         


For 30 years we at Project Victory have been working to spread the Great Turning – the leap in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish. We are facing the environmental/spiritual/ human rights crisis that threatens our future. With our books, film, videos, dialogues, courses and talks, we are spreading the Call to live the Great Turning and join together with mindfulness and compassionate action for the love-based worldwide Rising.

In 1985, Dr. Craig Schindler, Dr. Gary Lapid, and Theo Brown co-founded Project Victory, a national non-profit based in Palo Alto and Washington D.C. that has trained more than 30,000 people in compassionate leadership and conducted numerous dialogues with diverse citizens on issues that concern the fate of the Earth.. We choose the name PROJECT VICTORY because in the age of weapons of mass destruction and climate change, we humans need a new meaning of victory - a victory for our children, for all humanity and for Earth. 

From the outset it has been our intention at Project Victory to help advance the Great Turning. We have conducted national dialogues on nuclear weapons, peace and security, the environment, race relations and interfaith understanding. We facilitated dialogues with the U.S. Army & Greenpeace on disposing of chemical weapons in eight cities. We helped organize a national dialogue on race relations with 10,000 diverse people in 165 cities around the U.S. We trained the Navy and Marine Chaplains in conflict management at bases around the world.  We organized and facilitated a national Interfaith Dialogue in Washington D.C. We pioneered innovative methods for mediated dialogue and conflict resolution.

Our Book -- THE GREAT TURNING                                                                            


When Dr. Craig Schindler & Dr. Gary Lapid wrote THE GREAT TURNING (1989) they coined the term, “The Great Turning” to describe the leap of consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish. Called a win/win masterpiece, The Great Turning envisioned “a new era of human dignity, environmental restoration and lasting peace,” was translated into Russian and German, and used in many countries as a guide for peacemaking. With Theo Brown they pioneered innovative methods for mediated dialogue, communication and conflict resolution. They recognized that an old era was dying and a new consciousness was being born.  The Great Turning is both an inner awakening from small self to big Self and the spiritual emergence of our humanity to live the global ethic of respect for self, others and all life.


Rise For The Great Turning


The human –caused threats to life compel us to make an evolutionary leap to a more compassionate and enlightened awareness. Humanity is hovering on the cusp between rapidly drifting in a trance toward extinction on the one hand, and awakening to create a new era, a flowering of the human spirit. The choices we make now will determine whether there will be a future at all. Climate Change threatens all our children and their children.  It is not a narrow political issue: it is a challenge to all humanity.  The rising sea levels, the massive floods, the killing heat, the mega-storms and drought are increasing for us all, no matter what our political view, conservative or liberal, no matter our race, religion or culture. Recent scientific studies conclude that if we heat the Earth more than 1.5 degrees C, there is a high probability that coastal flooding will force hundreds of millions to migrate and set off climate changes that will turn the Earth into a hothouse and reduce the capacity to feed 7 billion to only 1.7 million people. Further the growing threat of hatred, racism and authoritarianism is increasing the risk for our nation and our planet to descend into loss of freedom, chaos and war. Tens of millions of us are called to BE THE CHANGE and live the LOVE-BASED WORLDWIDE RISING.


The Four Goals Of The Great Turning                                                                

The Great Turning begins with you and I.  The individual is the agent of conscious evolution.  By practicing SOUL/ACTON we cultivate both our inner development through mindfulness, meditation and prayer; and our outer development through compassionate action, kindness and stewardship for all life. This is the twofold practice, described by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to build the Beloved Community. The Four Goals are at the heart of the Great Turning:


  • Inspire Personal Leadership Through Soul/Action.

  • Reduce Climate Change & Restore the Living Earth.

  • Protect Freedom & Advance Human Rights For All.

  • Cultivate Inner Peace & Peace In Our World.


The Four Goals of the Great Turning are deeply interlinked.  Indeed the Four Goals are part of ONE unifying mission:  We cannot create lasting peace in our world, without reversing climate change and restoring the Earth, and advancing human rights for all.  Further we cannot restore the Earth without creating the conditions to resolve conflicts without violence and promote the universal ethic of respect and compassion that is the foundation for inner peace in our lives and our world. By inspiring ten percent of the population of America and the world to live the Soul/Action Practice (Goal One), we will rapidly evolve our national and global culture towards respect and compassion for all humans and stewardship for the biosphere (Goal Two).  This will enable us to advance freedom and equal rights for women worldwide, for indigenous peoples and for people of every race, creed and culture (Goal Three). We will have built the universal moral foundation to understand as Dr. King said “that no one is free until all our free” and thus we recognize that for all of us to survive and thrive, we must heal the Earth, end hunger and poverty, learn to resolve conflicts without violence and create the conditions for lasting peace.


--Dr. Craig F. Schindler, from CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER


How we can advance the Great Turning away from destruction and violence toward a more compassionate, peaceful and sustainable world?

We need a transformation of the human spirit –as Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr. puts it to elevate the quality of our soul and the quantity of our compassionate action. We are called to be the change needed to heal our world – to live the ethic of respect for self, others & Earth. THE GREAT TURNING is facing the environmental/spiritual/human rights crisis plaguing our world.  It is about you and I choosing hope in the darkness and living the Great Turning – the shift in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish.  As we stand up together we will empower the love-based worldwide Rising.  

You and I matter. Many wise souls from different traditions say that if humanity is to survive, we need a transformation of the human spirit, the Revolution of Compassion. This is the Great Turning – an evolutionary leap in human consciousness from the inside out. This transformation of the human spirit cannot be coerced from the outside. Across the centuries there have been numerous political revolutions, where one group took power from another. Yet revolutions based on violence and power have ultimately failed because there was no inner transformation, no improvement in human character. For our world to be restored and transformed, change must occur within the heart of existence, within the individuals who make up our world.  Scientists have shown that when the ten percent tipping point are living this inner/outer transformation, it will make this evolutionary leap possible.

Our challenge is to transform the selfishness and dysfunction of the human ego, amplified a million fold by our technology, now threatening the future of life. This spiritual/environmental/human rights revolution is both an inward awakening to the light of consciousness within us, and an outward awakening to honor others across race and creed and all life on Earth. It is the shift from small self (ego) that sees itself as the center of everything, caught up in fear, selfishness and greed, to the light of awareness (soul) that recognizes that all life is interdependent and lives with mindfulness and compassion. We need an evolutionary transformation of human consciousness that is about you and I – because our collective humanity can only transform from the inside through individuals – each one of us – choosing to heal and transform self and Earth.

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