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 The Four Goals Of The Great Turning:   


The Four Goals are deeply interlinked and intersectional: Each is essential to the Great Turning:  To save human civilization, we must reduce climate change and restore the Earth. If we do not reduce climate change, we will not have a habitable planet on which to advance justice and human rights or create the conditions for lasting peace. Yet to restore the Earth we must also advance justice and human rights for all and cultivate peace in our lives and our world.  Thus to achieve this grand mission, we need millions of us to take personal leadership with soul-force to “Be the Joyful Change.”

-from Craig Schindle’s upcoming book, CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER

  • Inspire Personal Leadership With Soul-force;

  •  Reduce Climate Change and Restore The Earth; 

  • Advance Justice and Human Rights for All;

  • Cultivate Peace Within and in Our World. 




The Imperative For The Great Turning                                                                                               No one is winning if the Earth is dying. Project Victory For All recognizes that to win in the age of climate change and nuclear weapons, we need a victory for everyone, for all our children.  We live at the most pivotal time in history.  The choices we make now will not only determine the quality of our future, but whether there will be a meaningful future at all.  The human-caused threats to life – climate change and weapons of mass destruction, fueled by greed, hate and authoritarianism – compel us, individually and collectively, to rise for the Great Turning – restoring Earth, advancing human rights for all and creating peace. Thus the Great Turning away from annihilation and looming extinction is a universal victory for us all!




The Mountaintop Vision And The Great Turning                                                              Currently humanity needs a unifying vision of how we can make it through this perilous time to create a world of peace, justice for all and stewardship for the Earth. As Joseph Campbell, the scholar of world mythology, said: “If you want to change the world, change the metaphor.”  Many great souls from diverse traditions have been to the mountaintop and looked over and seen that if we as humanity choose, we can elevate our wisdom and love to attain the next level of conscious evolution – to shift from our war-weary adolescence as a species to our conscious adulthood. Thus our purpose is to help change the current root-metaphor of hopelessness about the future to a unifying love-based vision of the Great Turning: The Mountaintop Vision:  One Earth, One Human Family, One Vision of Peace, and One Global Ethic of Respect For Self, Others and All Life. 


 The Roots Of Our Trance

At the core of our trance is ego-self that objectifies self, others and all life.  Martin Buber called this I-It objectification.  In this state of estrangement, we perceive ourselves as isolated egos – alienated from our inner being, each other, and the living Earth. Our personal trance is reinforced by the materialist mind-set that neglects our inner being and believes happiness comes from the things we possess. Identified with the small self, we suffer from a kind of "spiritual amnesia" — we forget our true nature that is far greater (the witness or soul).  Small self (ego) generates fear, greed and exploitation.  Big Self (soul) is based in love, justice and compassion.  As we awaken from the trance of I-It (ego) to big Self – what Buber calls “I-Thou” –we recognize that “I am not an object, but a living being” and that we are interdependent with all humans and with the living Earth.  


The Ten Percent Tipping Point                                                                                                                    The Great Turning is already well underway, but we need millions of us to become the Tipping Point.  Scientists have established that when a population adopts a new idea or innovation it grows slowly until it reaches the tipping point of ten percent and then it spreads exponentially like a flame. Thus when ten percent of us are living the change we want for the world with mindfulness and compassion, the Call to live Great Turning will spread exponentially.  This will enable us to build the love-based alliance of 70 percent of people of good will who are committed to protecting democracy and the rule of law and to securing the future for all our children.  This will transform our culture, and empower us to transform our national and global policies to the paramount mission of stopping climate change, and advancing human rights for all and joy and peace on Earth.  

Join the Great Turning

Thanks for joining us!

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