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    Our goal is to create the Beloved Community,

    and this will require an inner change in our souls

    and an outer change in our actions.  

    ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The soul-force practice combines the inner development of mindfulness and wellbeing – through cultivating inner peace, meditation and centering prayer, exercise and health; and the outer development of compassionate action – through increasing acts of kindness, justice, and stewardship.  The soul-force practice empowers us to evolve through our conscious habits to a higher level of being.

To Be a Light – and thus to Help Ignite the Love-Based, Worldwide Rising.

The soul-force practice is drawn from the great wisdom traditions and based upon Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s satyagraha.  Satya in Sanskrit means: love truth/soul.  Graha in Sanskrit means power or force.  Soul-force arises in us as we awaken from the trance of small self (ego) and shift to big Self (soul) and commit ourselves to live from the power of love/truth/soul.


Your practice is the essence of transformation. Neuroscience has confirmed that the practice of mindfulness and altruism, if done regularly, creates a shift in the brain from the right prefrontal cortex (stress and anxiety) to the left prefrontal cortex (joy and happiness!). As millions of us live the twofold practice, we will embody soul-force to elevate human behavior and the health of all living beings

How can you and I “Be the joyful change?”

As the great saxophonist Charlie Parker put it: “If you don’t live it, it won’t come out your horn.” The small self (ego) objectifies self, others, and all life and creates a world of ignorance, fear, and greed – what Martin Buber called “the realm of I-It.”  With soul force, we can rise above small self (ego) to our greater Self (the soul or witness) and increase our compassionate action to advance human rights for all and restore the living Earth – “the realm of I-Thou.”


How can we advance the Great Turning? 

Great souls across time have gone to the mountaintop and looked over and seen that – if we choose – we can evolve to a higher level of consciousness and advance stewardship for the Earth, racial justice, and peace in our lives and world.  As millions of us live the Great Turning, we will transform our lives and our culture and this will shift our national and global policies toward values of compassion, sustainability and social justice.

How can we practice Soul-Action?

The global ethic -- to treat others with the kindness and respect you want to be treated -- is the very core of SOUL-ACTION. First to awaken from the trance of ego and treat your own being as sacred with respect and kindness; and second to treat other persons and all life as sacred with respect and kindness. Practicing    SOUL-ACTION enables YOU to evolve your own being, and when actualized by tens of millions of people, to evolve humanity to a higher consciousness.  Thus, to advance the Great Turning, tens of millions of us are called to embody the higher awakening, the transformative daily practice of Soul-Action.


   The Soulforce Practice

Join the Great Turning

Thanks for joining us!

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