Books And Articles by Dr. Craig F. Schindler


  • THE GREAT TURNING: Personal Peace, Global Victory; by Dr. Craig F. Schindler and Dr. Gary G. Lapid  (1989)

  • Revolution of the Spirit: Touching Heaven, Healing Earth (2014)

  •  Crossing The Bridge To Our Future, Article in the GIFT Global Magazine; by Dr. Craig F. Schindler (2018)

  • HANDBOOK FOR HIGHER AWAKENING:  The Joyful Call To Be A Light And Live The Great Turning!; by Dr. Craig F. Schindler (2019)

  • CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER:  Be Your Greater Self, Spread Compassion, & Restore The Earth; Dr. Craig F. Schindler (2019)

  • THE EIGHT WISDOM KEYS: A Guide To Realize Your Light Of Consciousness & Fulfill Your Higher Destiny; by Dr. Craig F. Schindler, (2020)

  • Articles and newspaper pieces on Conflict Resolution and national dialogues on issues of peace and security, environment and human rights


Films and Video Talks by Dr. Craig F. Schindler


The award-winning inspirational short film CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER: The Call to Live the Great Turning


Teaching videos produced by Love Machine Films:

  • Crossing the Bridge To Our Future

  • The Mountaintop Vision

  • Love Is The Way

  • Our Kinship With All Life

  • The Eight Wisdom Keys

YouTube Talks by Dr. Craig F. Schindler

A 20-part inspirational talk


  1. The Call – From Darkness To Gathering Light

  2. Einstein’s Prayer

  3. Seven Themes for the Great Turning

  4. Human Caused Threats to Life

  5. The Mountain Top Vision

  6. There Is A Light In This World

  7. Stand By Me

  8. Project Victory For Our Children

  9. Living The Great Turning

  10. Transforming Self & World

  11. Dialogue, Laughter & Hope

  12. Creating The Beloved Community

  13. We Are The Gathering Light

  14. Awakening From Our Trance

  15. The Soul-Force Practice

  16. Amazing Grace

  17. The Love-Based Worldwide Rising

  18. Restoring Earth

  19. Spreading Peace

  20. Being a Light for the Coming Dawn


SoundCloud Talks by Dr. Craig F. Schindler
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