THE GREAT TURNING: Personal Peace, Global Victory, Drs. Craig F. Schindler and Gary Lapid, Bear & Company (1989)


Gift magazine article


CONNECT:  THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SUPERPOWER, Sam Beard, “Crossing The Bridge to Our Future:  Dr. Craig F. Schindler,” 2021, 


Many articles on dialogue, conflict resolution and the Great Turning


Three Upcoming Volumes –To be Published in 2022-2023


CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER:  A Guide To Live Your Light and Rise For The Great Turning;” Dr. Craig F. Schindler


THE EIGHT WISDOM KEYS: How to Illumine Your Life and Our World:

Transformative Psychology and Neuroscience; Dr. Craig F. Schindler


WE ARE THE GATHERING LIGHT:  Handbook For The Love-Based Worldwide Rising; Dr, Craig F, Schindler


  • Choose Hope, You Matter: The Call To Live The Great Turning (15min)

  • Choose Hope (5min)

  • Findhorn Symposium: The Great Turning


Teaching videos produced by Love Machine Films:

  • Crossing the Bridge To Our Future

  • The Mountaintop Vision

  • Love Is The Way

  • Our Kinship With All Life

  • The Eight Wisdom Keys


YouTube Talks by Dr. Craig F. Schindler:


  1. The Call – From Darkness To Gathering Light

  2. Einstein’s Prayer

  3. Seven Themes for the Great Turning

  4. Human Caused Threats to Life

  5. The Mountain Top Vision

  6. There Is A Light In This World

  7. Stand By Me

  8. Project Victory For Our Children

  9. Living The Great Turning

  10. Transforming Self & World

  11. Dialogue, Laughter & Hope

  12. Creating The Beloved Community

  13. We Are The Gathering Light

  14. Awakening From Our Trance

  15. The Soul-Force Practice

  16. Amazing Grace

  17. The Love-Based Worldwide Rising

  18. Restoring Earth

  19. Spreading Peace

  20. Being a Light for the Coming Dawn


SoundCloud Talks by Dr. Craig F. Schindler
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