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In 1985 we founded Project Victory with the recognition that in the nuclear age with weapons of mass destruction, we need a new meaning of victory.  We need a victory for the Earth and for all our children and the future of life. Project means both -- project (v) as in to envision our positive future; and the project (n) as in the purpose or our goal, to restore Earth and create peace. Our mission and long-term goal has always been to help ignite a Great Turning that becomes the Revolution of the Spirit for a more compassionate and sustainable future.


For almost three decades now through Project Victory, we have been working to advance the conditions for real peace and stewardship in our lives and our world.  Our book, THE GREAT TURNING (1989) was called a “win/win masterpiece,” translated into German and Russian and used around the world as a handbook for peacemaking. We have taught conflict resolution, compassionate communication, mediated dialogue and leadership to tens of thousands.  We have conducted numerous dialogues on race relations, peace and security, the environment and the largest national dialogue on race ever (10,000 people in 165 cities). We conducted the first Interfaith Dialogue with many groups and leaders of diverse religious traditions in Washington D. C.  We were the first to use the term, “The Great Turning,” and now it has become a key phrase for the growing movement around the world.  Indeed we believe humanity is now in the midst of that Great Turning toward the Great Transformation needed for civilization and nature to survive and flourish together.  We are now working with the publisher to revise and reissue a new 25th Anniversary edition of THE GREAT TURNING.


Our work so far has been divided into several stages


1985 -1994
Starting The Great Turning

Dialogues On Peace, Security & the Environment:  We organized and facilitated national dialogues on reducing the risk of nuclear war, peace and security, dismantling chemical weapons in eight cities and on environmental issues. We brought together people from many points of view -- conservatives and liberals, the U.S Army and Greenpeace, hawks and doves to listen and find ways to act. We pioneered the development of tools for mediated dialogue and conflict resolution and wrote The Great Turning, translated into Germany and Russia and used around the world as a handbook for peacemaking.  It offers a vision of a new era of resolving conflicts without violence and creating a sustainable global environment.


1995 -present
Training Leaders Nationwide

Dialogues on Race & Diversity:  We have trained more than 30,000 leaders in 35 states in compassionate leadership, communication and conflict resolution. We have trained and done keynote addresses for leaders from government agencies, nonprofits, professional associations and corporate leaders.


1997 – present
Advancing Dialogue Across Race & Creed

Dialogues On Multi-Faith Understanding - In 2004 we organized and facilitated with many groups, the first National Multi-Faith Dialogue in Washington D.C. with diverse leaders from many religious traditions.  We organized and facilitated numerous dialogues on race and ethnicity, and with the help of many groups, created the largest dialogue on race ever conducted (10,000 diverse citizens in 165 cities around the U.S.)   We worked with the U.S. Congress to develop the Dialogue Program on Race. We further developed and refined methods for mediated dialogue and conflict resolution and applied them to issues concerning peace, security and the environment.

We trained the Navy and Marine Chaplains worldwide (at 30 bases around the world) in skills for leadership, methods of compassionate communication, and tools for dialogue and conflict management. We organized programs for diverse religious leaders to be in dialogue with each other across their differences.  We developed and refined our next two books, Revolution Of the Spirit; and Compassion Is The Revolution, addressing the need for a global ethic, the benefits of mindfulness and compassion affirmed by both wisdom and emerging science, and eight wisdom principles drawn from humanity’s great traditions.


2014 - 2015
Launching The Revolution Of The Spirit - The Book and
Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course 2015






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