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    For 30 years we at Project Victory have been working to spread the Great Turning—the leap in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish.  We are facing the environmental/human rights/spiritual crisis that threatens our future.  With our books, films, dialogues, courses and keynote talks, we are spreading the Call to live the Great Turning and join together with soul-force (mindful awareness and compassionate action) for the Love-based, Worldwide Rising.   

 In 1985 Craig Schindler, Gary Lapid, and Theo Brown founded PROJECT VICTORY – FOR ALL with the recognition of a twofold meaning:  (n) that in the nuclear age we need a victory for all, for our children and the future of life;  (v) thus we need to project victory: to envision and create our positive future.  Our mission is to inspire millions of people with the vision of the Great Turning and the commitment to “Be the Joyful Change” and thus to help create a more just, compassionate and sustainable future. 

    We have trained more than 30,000 people in compassionate leadership and conducted national dialogues with diverse citizens on issues that concern the fate of the Earth.  We pioneered and taught innovative methods of conflict resolution and mediated dialogue.  We organized and facilitated a national dialogue on reducing the risk of nuclear war – with conservatives and liberals, nuclear scientists, peace activists, military strategists, and members of Congress.  We conducted numerous dialogues with diverse citizens on peace and security, the environment, race relations, and interfaith cooperation. We created dialogues with the U.S. Army and Greenpeace on how to dispose of chemical weapons in eight cities. We helped to organize and facilitate the National Days of Dialogue on Race with 10,000 people in 165 cities. We organized a National Interfaith Dialogue in Washington D.C.  We trained the Navy and Marine Chaplains worldwide in conflict management. 

        Time and again in our dialogues we have seen remarkable breakthroughs when people of goodwill with deep differences listen to each other with empathy and respect.  With honest, searching dialogue we can find a common way.  






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