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~Our Work to Advance The Great Turning~

Project Victory For All is an educational organization that produces books, films and talks, facilitates dialogues and leadership trainings and conducts courses and other programs to educate and inspire individuals and groups to live with mindfulness and compassion and thus to advance the Great Turning.  In a time of climate change and weapons of mass destruction, the Great Turning is the evolutionary shift of consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish.  




Our mission is to educate and inspire individuals and groups to advance the Great Turning by living the Soul-force Practice:  needed for the world.  Our mission is to inspire tens of thousands of people to develop a practice to shift from small self (ego) to big Self (witness) andto lead with Soul-force – mindful awareness and compassionate action.  In this way we will help to accelerate the Great Turning away from humanity’s self-destruction toward a Renaissance of the human spirit.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. calls it “the Beloved Community” Jane Goodall “love for all living beings” and the Dalai Lama “the revolution of compassion.” The Great Turning is the love-based worldwide Rising to elevate our personal and global awareness, to reduce climate change and restore the Earth, to advance human rights for all, and cultivate peace within and in our world.





The History of Project Victory 

~ For Our Children And For The Earth~                              Dr. Gary Lapid & Dr. Craig Schindler


For 30 years we at Project Victory have been working to spread the Great Turning – the leap in consciousness and action needed for humanity to survive and flourish. We are facing the environmental/spiritual/ human rights crisis that threatens our future. With our books, film, videos, dialogues, courses and talks, we are spreading the Call to live the Great Turning and join together with mindfulness and compassionate action for the love-based worldwide Rising.

In 1985, Dr. Craig Schindler, Dr. Gary Lapid, and Theo Brown co-founded Project Victory, a national non-profit based in Palo Alto and Washington D.C. that has trained more than 30,000 people in compassionate leadership and conducted numerous dialogues with diverse citizens on issues that concern the fate of the Earth.. We choose the name PROJECT VICTORY because in the age of weapons of mass destruction and climate change, we humans need a new meaning of victory - a victory for our children, for all humanity and for Earth. 

From the outset it has been our intention at Project Victory to help advance the Great Turning. We have conducted national dialogues on nuclear weapons, peace and security, the environment, race relations and interfaith understanding. We facilitated dialogues with the U.S. Army & Greenpeace on disposing of chemical weapons in eight cities. We helped organize a national dialogue on race relations with 10,000 diverse people in 165 cities around the U.S. We trained the Navy and Marine Chaplains in conflict management at bases around the world.  We organized and facilitated a national Interfaith Dialogue in Washington D.C. We pioneered innovative methods for mediated dialogue and conflict resolution.

Project Victory For All 

Join the Great Turning

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