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Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course


Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course 2013-2016

From 2013-2016 Craig and Heidi Schindler taught the Transformative Wisdom Intensive course with 50 people for eight months. Our group included soulful leaders, ranging from 25 to 78 including seven doctors, several corporate vice presidents, and multiple CEO’s. We met one Saturday a month from October to June for a day-long retreat and focused on one of the Eight Wisdom Keys:  with inspiring talks, multi-faith music, movement mediation, small group exercises and tools for mindfulness, personal leadership, authentic communication, peace making and stewardship.   Guest speakers and multi-faith muscians included: Dr. Gary Lapid, co-founder of Project Victory, best-selling author John Robbins, Hawk and soul singer Charmaigne Scott, Cantor Alisa Fineman, Dr. Cath Byrne, Dr. Frank Andrews, Dr. Ralph Quinn and world-class drummer, Jim Greiner. We empowered each other to live our higher purpose and to be the transformation needed to create a more compassionate, joyful, and sustainable world. 

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