Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course


Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course 2013-2016

From 2013-2016 Craig and Heidi Schindler taught the Transformative Wisdom Intensive using the Revolution of the Spirit as our text, with 50 people for eight months. Our group included soulful leaders, ranging from 25 to 78 including seven doctors, several corporate vice presidents, three CEO’s.   We met one Saturday from October to June for a day-long retreat and focused on one of the Eight Wisdom Keys:  with inspiring talks, multi-faith music, movement mediation, small group exercises and tools for mindfulness, personal leadership, authentic communication, peace making and stewardship.   Guest speakers and multi-faith muscians included: Dr. Gary Lapi, co-founder of Project Victory, best-selling author John Robbins, Hawk soul singer Charmaigne Scott, Cantor Alisa Fineman, Dr. Cath Byrne, Dr. Frank Andrews, Dr. Ralph Quinn and world-class drummer, Jim Greiner. We empowered each other to live our higher purpose and to be the transformation needed to create a more compassionate, joyful, and sustainable world. See to glimpse what we created together – the joy, inspiration and soulforce.

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Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course
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WISDOM: Leadership For A More Compassionate Self & World
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We will meet one Saturday a month from October to June (you can check our calendar)  at a home with a glorious view of the Monterey Bay. It will be a mini-retreat with inspiring talks, music, movement mediation, yoga, small group dialogue, exercises and tools for mindfulness, personal leadership, and authentic communication. As a community of seekers, we will empower each other to take the next steps to fulfill our own higher purpose; and to live the transformation needed to create a more compassionate, joyful, and sustainable world for our children. We will draw upon humanity’s enduring wisdom & our emerging science that is confirming many of these timeless insights.


Based on Dr. Scheindler's new book REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT

Dr. Craig F. Schindler has been working on a three-volume set of books “The Gathering Light Trilogy.”  We will use Volume I, REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT: The Call for a More Compassionate Self & World  as the touchstone for our course. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Our goal is to create the Beloved Community and to do this will require an inner change in the quality of our soul and an outward change in the quantity of our compassionate action.” The book, like the course, offers a roadmap for our transformation – to awaken from the trance of ego, to elevate the quality of our soul, and to increase the quantity of our compassionate action.  Volume II. HEAVEN TOUCHES EARTH THROUGH YOU: Eight Wisdom Keys To Heal & Illumine Self & Planet will be the workbook for the course. It includes exercises, tools, skills and methods to deepen our own enlightenment practice and to take personal leadership to embody the conscious changes needed for our world.  We will apply the Eight Wisdom Keys and the emerging science of transformation to do our part to create a more compassionate self and planet.


Why Take this Course?

Our new neuroscience has shown that whatever we do with regularity changes our brain. The fact that what we do alters the brain means that we can evolve ourselves through our practice: In the Transformative Wisdom intensive, we will focus on living the shift from small self (ego) to big self (soul).  Who are you when you are living in big self?  What is your vision and higher purpose?  How can you overcome the obstacles that you are facing on your path?   What are your gifts and abilities to help lift self and planet?  The course will address the wisdom and science of spiritual transformation.



The course will strengthen our personal leadership in three ways: First, since the essence of transformation is practice, we will support each other to observe and refine our own practice and to live our higher purpose. Second, we will road test the Eight Wisdom Keys so they work in our lives to elevate our soul and to increase our compassionate action. Third, you can become a small group leader and in other ways help to produce the large course: REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT: The Call To Transform Self & Planet (with 300 participants) and the on-line course (based on the video taping) available worldwide.. 


Imagine throwing a pebble into a lake: the first circle is the leadership course, Transformative Wisdom rippling out and creating the second circle, the large course, Revolution Of the Spirit, that we will video and produce the third circle, the on-line course that goes with the book, REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT, rippling and then spreading out into ever-widening circles.  I would love your help. And I believe you will experience deep benefit as well.  We will raise the frequency of our consciousness and action together. We will do this in a climate of trust, music, laughter, kindness, empowerment and the spirit of hope we want for our world. 

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