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The Great Turning is the Big Tent:  We will bridge individuals and groups dedicated to both the inner and outer shift including: those seeking to stop climate change and to advance inner peace, mindfulness human rights, social justice, animal rights, environmental sustainability, conflict resolution, health and the food revolution, as well as the diverse faith groups committed to love and compassion. Our initial goal is to create a network of a million people dedicated to “Be the joyful change:’’ - Putting into practice the mindfulness and compassionate action needed to create the world we want.



1) Develop the books, films and courses to educate and inspire;

2) Spread the Call to live the Great Turning worldwide;

3) Train Leaders In Soul-force Practice – mindfulness and compassion;

4) Facilitate Dialogue/Action Groups to unite diverse views;                                                                 5) 5) Build the Great Turning Movement by partnering many groups;



1) Develop the books, films and courses to educate and inspire:  

We have prepared the materials to spread the Call to rise for the Great Turning worldwide – two new films, two new books by Dr. Craig Schindler, two websites, the You-Tube Channel and the road-tested curriculum for the Wisdom Leadership Intensive Trainings. The award-winning Love Machine Films, Inc. has made the inspirational short film, CHOOSE HOPE: The Call To Live The Great Turning.  In addition, they produced five teaching videos: Crossing the Bridge To Our Future; The Great Turning and the Mountaintop Vision; Our Kinship With All Life; Love Is The Way; and The Eight Wisdom Keys.


2) Spread The Call To Live The Great Turning Worldwide:

 We will promote the 5 min film CHOOSE HOPE: and Craig Schindler’s new book, CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER: A Guide To Live Your Light And Rise For the Great Turning through social media, and events.  In October 2021 the film  was shown at two global media events to thousands of people in 20 countries. We will work with Findhorn, the famed eco-retreat center in Scotland, to help teach and inspire the Great Turning Movement.  With our books, films, courses and talks we will spread the vision of the Great Turning and the Call to “Be the Joyful Change” – to inspire personal leadership and transformation with soul-force – through mindful awareness and compassionate action. 


3) Train Leaders in the Soul-force Practice – Be the Joyful Change:

We will train an expanding leadership core to spread the Call for the Great Turning by living it, to facilitate listening and dialogue, and to teach the Soul-force Practice of mindfulness and compassionate action.  We will conduct Wisdom Intensive Leadership Trainings and partner with many organizations (such as Findhorn in Scotland and GIFT Global) to inspire thousands of individuals and groups to take personal leadership for the Great Turning. Our curriculum is based on Transformative Psychology, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Ethics, the enduring Wisdom Traditions, and emerging Neuroscience.   We will give many keynote talks and trainings to organizations, professional associations, and diverse faith groups, and invite them to join the Great Turning Movement and “Be the Joyful Change.” As tens of thousands of us awaken from the trance of ego and live from big Self (soul) we can lead with soul-force to reduce carbon and restore the Earth, to advance human rights for all, and to cultivate peace within and in our world



5) Build the Great Turning Movement partnering many groups:

The Great Turning movement is the Big Tent that is inclusive of all the different efforts to heal and uplift our world.  Our initial goal is to build a network of one million people to take the pledge to live the Great Turning. We will bring diverse leaders together and partner with many groups and movements dedicated to some aspect of the Great Turning: including: groups dedicated to reduce climate change and restore the Earth, to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness; to advance racial justice, women’s rights and human rights for all; to secure animal rights and protect the diversity of species; to promote health, wellbeing and the food revolution; to practice nonviolent conflict resolution and create the conditions for peace in our world; and all the diverse faith and spiritual communities committed to living an ethic of love and compassion.


At every event, we will invite individuals and groups into the Big Tent. We offer the unifying vision of the Great Turning and the Soul-force Practice – to live both the inner and outer change:  If we want to reduce climate change and protect the diversity of species, we need to practice stewardship for all life.  If we want to build the Beloved Community we need to practice mindfulness and be able to listen with empathy to people of diverse views. If we want a world with equal rights and justice for women and people of all races and creeds, we must increase our compassionate action, and build a culture of justice and compassion.  And if we want to advance peace on Earth, we must cultivate peace within ourselves.

Join the Great Turning

Thanks for joining us!

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