1. SPREADING THE CALL TO LIVE THE GREAT TURNING - Through our books, films, videos, courses, keynote talks, gatherings and social media.  We have prepared the materials for the Call To Live The Great Turning – the film, two new books, the teaching videos, two websites, YouTube talks and the Wisdom Intensive Courses. We are promoting the film CHOOSE HOPE, YOU MATTER, and the two new books through events and social media. We are rapidly increasing our Internet and social media presence.  We are conducting the 8-month training, The Global Wisdom Intensive: Leadership for the Great Turning and other leadership courses.  We are giving keynote talks to many organizations, professional associations, and diverse faith groups and inviting them to join The Great Turning Network and be the change by living the Soul-Action Practice of mindfulness and compassionate action.

2. TRAINING 10,000 LEADERS – Teaching Mindfulness & Compassionate ActionThrough The LIT Institute for Transformative Psychology.  We are training a leadership core of 10,000 individuals to spread the Call for the Great Turning by living it; to facilitate listening and dialogue to help bridge groups; and to teach the Soul-Action Practice of mindfulness and compassionate action. Through the LIT Institute For Transformative Psychology & Compassionate Action we will train and certify individuals and produce online courses that will reach thousands of people.  The curriculum is based on humanity’s great Wisdom Traditions, Transformative Psychology, Emerging Neuroscience, Ecology and Environmental Ethics, the Soul-Action Practice of Mindfulness and Compassion, and the Eight Wisdom Keys to Heal and Illumine Self and Earth.

3. CONDUCTING DIALOGUE/ACTION GROUPS - Healing Divisions & Expanding The Alliance To Restore Earth & Advance Human Dignity For All.  The cultural wars have driven the breakdown of civility in the American political process. We are conducting a two-track dialogue program to build a broad coalition committed to the ethic of respect in public life and in our world:  1) Great Turning Dialogue/Action Groups – bringing together leaders from the diverse groups, movements and faith traditions committed to one of the goals of the Great Turning and the ethic of respect for self, others, Earth.  2) Climate Change Dialogue/Action Groups – building community by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds to listen to each other with respect and take environmental action to reduce climate change, including planting millions of trees, cleaning plastic trash, shifting to renewable energy and implementing other ways to restore the Earth.

4. PROMOTING COMPASSIONATE ACTION- Partnering with groups dedicated to the shift, starting With the GIFT Global Mindfulness Veterans Project.  To accelerate the Great Turning, Project Victory is partnering with many groups and organizations to spread the Call and build the Great Turning Network. Project Victory and GIFT Global are partnering to bring mindfulness training to 100,000 veterans.  We are working together to explore in-depth methods of mindfulness to heal PTSD trauma. We will invite the Veterans to participate in the Dialogue/Action Groups, the Great Turning Network and the Soul-Action Practice of mindfulness and compassionate action. Over time this will serve as a model for us to partner with many other groups to promote mindfulness and compassionate action.

5. BUILDING THE GREAT TURNING NETWORK– Inviting Millions To Join The Great Turning & Practice SOUL-ACTION In Their Lives and Groups. Through our books, film, videos, courses and keynote talks, Project Victory offers – the unifying vision of the Great Turning, the Revolution of Compassion, to embody the next higher level of conscious evolution; and the Soul/Action Practice to actualize the inner/outer change needed for us to live this higher level with mindfulness and the global ethic of respect for self, others and all life.


The organizations and movements that understand the essential importance of “being the change” are the groups that we will reach out to first, to seek to form an alliance for The Great Turning. This is requires both the inner and outer transformation – eg. Putting into practice the mindfulness and compassionate action needed to create the kind of world we want. If we want to reverse climate change and protect the diversity of species from extinction, we must practice stewardship for all life.  If we want to create the conditions for peace, we need millions of people who are practicing mindfulness and inner peace and thus able to make peace with others and in our world. If we want a world of human dignity and equal rights for people of all cultures then we must do justice, and create a culture of justice and compassion. In this way, we at Project Victory will seek to link numerous groups through the vision of the Great Turning and the Soul-Action Practice and thus to spark the love-based worldwide Rising.

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