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From 2013-2014 Craig and Heidi Schindler taught the Transformative Wisdom Intensive using the Revolution of the Spirit as our text, with 50 people for eight months. Our group included soulful leaders, ranging from 25 to 78 including seven doctors, several corporate vice presidents, three CEO’s.   We met one Saturday from October to June for a day-long retreat and focused on one of the Eight Wisdom Keys:  with inspiring talks, multi-faith music, movement mediation, small group exercises and tools for mindfulness, personal leadership, authentic communication, peace making and stewardship.   Guest speakers and multi-faith muscians included: Dr. Gary Lapi, co-founder of Project Victory, best-selling author John Robbins, Hawk soul singer Charmaigne Scott, Cantor Alisa Fineman, Dr. Cath Byrne, Dr. Frank Andrews, Dr. Ralph Quinn and world-class drummer, Jim Greiner. We empowered each other to live our higher purpose and to be the transformation needed to create a more compassionate, joyful, and sustainable world. See to glimpse what we created together – the joy, inspiration and soulforce.


Coming Together For The Worldwide Rising


In his book, Blessed Unrest:  How the Largest Movement In the World Came Into Being And Why No One Saw It, Paul Hawken, documents more than 1.5 million organizations dedicated to defending the environment, protecting indigenous peoples or advancing human rights.  We don’t yet recognize this vast meta-movement, he says, and mostly it does not get the spotlight of the media - because it is decentralized.  It has no fixed organization or ideology, yet in response to our global crisis it is growing rapidly in local areas around the world. In addition to Paul Hawken’s list, there are a multitude of other groups around our planet seeking to reduce suffering and strengthen peace: the numerous faith communities dedicated to love and compassion; all those working for women’s rights, social justice, reconciliation and lasting peace; the human potential, mindfulness, and inner peace movements; the organic food, health and wellness movements; and the numerous groups teaching conflict resolution.


The worldwide Rising to remake our world is already underway: Yet it needs us, the ten percent tipping point, to step up and to spread the vision of the coming dawn The call is to step forward and do your unique part to help kindle “the largest movement in history” – to embody the transformation needed for our lives and to remake our world. Just as many streams converge to form a great river, it is time for the many groups committed to living our global ethic to join together. At the core of all these movements is our global ethic taught by the great wisdom traditions – to live with respect toward self, others, and the Earth. The revolution of the spirit is already stirring and yet needs to be actualized in our lives and spread by each of us.  Like a torch, we can pass it from person to person, group to group, until the flame of mindfulness and compassion lights up our world. 


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