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Transformative Wisdom Intensive Course 2015





We will meet one Saturday a month from January to June (you can check our calendar)  at a home with a glorious view of the Monterey Bay. It will be a mini-retreat with inspiring talks, music, movement mediation, yoga, small group dialogue, exercises and tools for mindfulness, personal leadership, and authentic communication. As a community of seekers, we will empower each other to take the next steps to fulfill our own higher purpose; and to live the transformation needed to create a more compassionate, joyful, and sustainable world for our children. We will draw upon humanity’s enduring wisdom & our emerging science that is confirming many of these timeless insights.

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Dates - See Calendar

We will meet one Saturday a month from January to June 

Fee isTax deductible

The cost is

$100 - $150 per session (Saturday)

(sliding scale & some scholarships)

includes $60 fee for materials.

10% discount when paying for all 8 sessions. 


This includes a copy of the book The Revolution of the Spirit.


Your payments are tax deductible. ID will be on your confirmation letter


Location - Soquel California

More information will be provide at the time of registration.


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